Bus Visit Request Form


    *** Please note that at this time, Commonwealth University is unable to provide transportation or overnight accommodations (including on campus or at a local hotel) for any bus trip requests.

    If your school or organization can provide their own transportation, please continue with the form below for your request.

    Please note the following expectations:
    • Large groups must make arrangements at least 3 weeks in advance. Generally, only one group can be accommodated per day.
    • It is expected that all chaperones and attending adults have current clearances, including mandated reporter training and be able to provide copies if requested.
    • We expect that students on tours will be accompanied by teachers or adult group leaders (at least 1 adult per 12 students) to ensure that students maintain good order, decorum and attentiveness. Chaperones are expected to remain with the students at all times during the visit, including the presentation, tour, and in the dining hall (if applicable).
    • Please provide a spreadsheet of students that will be attending at least 1 week prior to the visit. Information needed on the spreadsheet: First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, Graduation year, High School, Expected entry term, Email address, Mailing address.
    • Please assist us in making tours a positive experience by helping to adequately prepare your students for their visit. The most effective tours are those in which students show a genuine interest by being attentive to their tour guide and prepared with questions. Your help in conveying these expectations to visiting groups is appreciated.
    Preferred Date of Visit
    Preferred Date of Visit
    Backup Date of Visit
    Backup Date of Visit
    Required Info: Name, Birthdate, Email, Address, Graduation Year, High School, Major of interest (optional)